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Founders Card
I love my Founders Card, The ultimate concierge with the inside scoop. Mine quickly paid for itself in savings even when not traveling #travelhacks #bizhacks #network
WD External Hardrive: Shop WD's My Passport and Sandisk SD cards: Must haves for every road warrior to save your data and photos!

Track yourself while creating great videos with Pivo

Marc Guberti is brilliant at cultivating and distributing content. He is a great resource for #digitalnomads #remotework

Templates for everything from invites, to courses, mailings and ebooks.
Get Paid to Teach Abroad

Get Paid to Teach Abroad

Great business for #digitalnomads spotting hot products for resell. Check our interview with founder Ann Sieg #ecommerce

Our preferred hosting platform and domain registry

Great accuracy in transcription, now available for your Zoom meetings as well!

A note about our Power Hacks listings

We are always on the lookout for great products and services to share with you.  We list only products/services that we have validated either in personal tests/use by our hosts or show guests. Some (but not all) of our listings have referral programs that provide reciprocal benefit for purchase made via our links (and often inside deals for you). This helps keep our episodes advertisement free with great production and the best content possible. Some are non-profit or things that we just LOVE and others are recommendations from our guests.  If you have suggestions for the resource guide, please feel free to submit them to sponsor GlobalNomadHacks.com or drop us a note on the Podopolo Global Nomad Hackers chat submit them for us to review.