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Our favorite products and services that support our ability to thrive on the road (and get the job done) untethered
Even the road warrior can get weary. Some of our favorite hacks keeping you happy and healthy inside and out 
Mixing cultures, raising global citizens and keeping families together takes a village and great hacks for both the road and destination. Here's ours.
As much as the destination is the journey, services that make that smooth and the good kind of memorable. 
Our ability to live our nomadic life is possible due to the amazing hospitality industry and local hosts.
Changing times, borders and nations calls for understanding if we are covered: visas to insurance and  financial and legal security hacks
The must-have essentials no matter where the road takes you. Here's our favorites from fashion to tech gear.
We love our guests stories and their creations shared on Global Nomad Hacks and Evolving Digital Self.
Some things defy categories but are still worth mentioning and sharing with you. Here are some of our favorites!

Our Resources Space is Expanding!

We are merging all of our Power Hacks and Links to share with you from our personal favorites to those of our guests on Global Nomad Hacks and our sister show, Evolving Digital Self. We'll even share some of our discoveries from 2BalanceU! Bookmark this page and RELOAD to get the most current listings. Be safe and well!

A note about our Power Hacks listings

We are always on the lookout for great products and services to share with you.  We list only products/services that we have validated either in personal tests/use by our hosts or show guests. Some (but not all) of our listings have referral programs that provide reciprocal benefit for purchase made via our links (and often inside deals for you). The proceeds keep our episodes advertisement free with great production and the best content possible. Some are non-profit or things that we just LOVE and others are recommendations from our guests.  If you have suggestions for the resource guide, please feel free to submit them to sponsor GlobalNomadHacks.com or drop us a note on the Podopolo Global Nomad Hackers chat submit them for us to review.