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Alyea Sandovar – Playification Across Cultures

Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste interviews Alyea Sandovar, PhD – a game and play consultant for online entrepreneurs. Columbian by birth, naturalized American, at home in Amsterdam when not on the road in Bali or Munich. Alyea is a game and play consultant and supports online entrepreneurs to gamify their programs, products and marketing.

Victoria Vives Khuong, Divine Sexuality and Healing Teacher

Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste chats with Victoria Vives Khuong, a leading expert in Divine Sexuality, Shamanism and Energy Healing.  Descending from renown lineages in the healing and spiritual arts, Victoria started practicing in 2000 and is a highly accredited teacher, having trained thousands of practitioners internationally.

Tony & Leanne Argyle – Travatical Podcast & Magazine

Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste chats with Tony and Leanne Argyle  – Travatical Podcast and Magazine. They have interviewed over 120 expats and full time travellers during the last 5 years about their lifestyle choices and, inspired by the results they have found, have hit the road themselves as full time travellers in 2019.

Jonathan Soroff – Journalist and Author

Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste chats with Jonathan Soroff, journalist and author. He’s written for a variety of publications, ranging from People Magazine, London’s Royal Academy Magazine, The South China Morning Post, Modern Luxury, Dujour, The National, and the South African editions of Elle and Elle Decor. He is currently a contributing editor at Boston Magazine.

Robert Carlbo, TCK Liberian-Swedish Tennis Master in USA

Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste chats with Robert Carlbo master of tennis professional with more than 35 years of tennis teaching experience and  owner of carlbotennis, a tennis teaching company that specializes in teaching all levels of tennis players from beginners to touring professionals offering individual and group lessons. Programs include teaching all aspects of the game of tennis including tactical, technical, physical and mental.