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Global Nomad Hacks Anniversary Compilation – On Spring Break, Be Back Soon

Wow, what a year it’s been. I can’t believe we are actually on our first anniversary, and we launched this show about global nomads being global citizens and living a life that really embraces the world community and being part of it on so many different levels during a pandemic, when no one could travel and we’ve had an incredible year.

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Sabriye Tenberken & Paul Kronenberg: Intrinsic and Ethical Social Change

Dr. Heidi talks with Sabriye Tenberken and Paul Kronenberg, founders/directors of Braille Without Borders and Kanthari. in 1998, together with Paul, Sabriye started the first school for the blind in Tibet. This school formed the foundation of Braille Without Borders, an organization that empowers blind people to take their lives in their own hands.

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Most Downloaded Episode – Kristin Engvig, Founder of Women’s International Networking

On today’s episode of Global Nomad Hacks, we are sharing the most downloaded episode since the launch of the podcast. Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste chats with Kristin Engvig, Founder & CEO of WIN. A pioneer and thought leader in the field of creativity, feminine and authentic leadership.

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Raj Malhotra

Dr. Heidi interviews Raj Malhotra, CEO, InvenTrust. Raj’s sense of the possibilities of a peripatetic life began as a child growing up in a family that traveled more than most.  As a journalist who featured the lives and challenges of prominent women leaders, his mom’s range was unusual for most women in the traditional Indian society where we lived.  As a result I never associated home-making with a particular gender role.  My dad ran an aviation industry business and his own regular travels inculcated in me a sense that my home is the world.

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Lauren Cohen – Immigration through Investment and Real Estate

Lauren is also a best-selling author and sought-after speaker and is a globally-acclaimed legal and real estate business advisor. Lauren’s passion for protecting the heart and soul of businesses shines through in all aspects of the services that she and her team provide. A graduate of York University and Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, Lauren is a dual citizen. She has been featured in Inc. Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, Working Mother, TV, hundreds of podcasts and radio shows and numerous other mediums. Lauren launched her own podcast, Investing Across Borders, in November, 2020.

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Brewer Stone – Influence of Growing Up as Child of Diplomat

Dr. Heidi talks with Brewer Stone, Partner of Nfluence Partners, and growing up in the diplomats world. Born to a diplomatic family in Washington DC, moved to England at 4, India at 6, lived there 7 years. Parents then went to France, Austria, and Cyprus, where I spent extended holidays, while attending boarding schools.

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Sandra Näsström – Dressing in Luxury with Chambres Sweden

Dr. Heidi talks with Nomadic fashion designer Sandra Näsström. Sandra travels the world and proselytizes kindness. She’s on a mission, and she doesn’t care who knows it. Stylist and designer, she owns a Swedish fashion brand called Chambres Sweden. As an avid traveler, she fashions light on the skin, multifunctional and elegant clothes.

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Amber Trueblood, Parenting on the Fly

Dr. Heidi talks with Amber Trueblood, licensed marriage and family therapist. Traveling with four kiddos (and her husband) through 60 cities across the US and Canada… while writing a book and touring with the cast and crew of a Broadway Musical = Road Warrior (in her book!).  One of her boys had the opportunity to play a role in a musical and they decided to make it an adventure for the entire family. They pulled everyone out of school, packed up skateboards and scooters and books and stuffed animals, and hit the road.