Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste interviews Andrew Murdoch, Digital Nomad and founder of Digital Nomad Journey.

Andrew Murdoch spent the better part of his adult years working and serving as a scuba instructor on cruise ships, an industrial firefighter in the Canadian oil patch, a freight train conductor, and Coast Guard Rescue Diver at a hovercraft base.

Andrew recognizes that the technology revolution will impact numerous industries and create opportunities like never before. He believes that many people only feel “stuck” in their current rut because they haven’t been exposed to the limitless possibilities of becoming a digital nomad and working remotely.

Andrew works to help uncover proven strategies for those who are seeking the laptop lifestyle. Ultimately, he believes to be “normal” is boring, and the best solutions require some out-of-the-box thinking. What started out as a passion for Emergency Response has evolved into helping people protect themselves from financial disaster in an enjoyable way.

Website: digitalnomadjourney.com/freebook
Facebook Page: facebook.com/DigNomadJourney
Twitter ID: @DigNomadJourney @MrAndrewMurdoch
Instagram: instagram.com/dignomadjourney | @MrAndrewMurdoch

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