Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste introduces her new show Global Nomad Hacks. This show will focus on the stories, secrets, challenges and joys of life as a global nomad, digital nomad, expat and third culture family, raising and being global citizens. In a world where global mobility is no longer a novelty or purely for pleasure for many, we are have much to share.

From mixed cultures in families to rules and regulations of work, immigration, taxation and healthcare to beautiful and terrifying experiences at home and abroad to repatriation (both intentional and forced) and connecting to like minded peers, there is much to be learned from each other’s experiences. This podcast intends to shine a light on these things as well as to share some of travel hacks and support services that help guide our way to a more global citizens.

Dr. Heidi is a behavioral scientist, Digital Wellbeing and Ethics advisor, Executive Producer and Host of Evolving Digital Self and Global Nomad Hacks podcasts, Managing Partner of 2BalanceU and Valhalla d’Oc. American by birth, Swedish by marriage, mum to two kids in launching phase, at “home” in SF Bay, Boston, Malmö (Sweden) and Bezier (Southern France).

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