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We love highlighting the businesses that do a great job serving global nomads. We are always on the lookout for great products and services to share with you. Sponsors helps us continue to provide you the best content possible. Some are non-profit or things that we just LOVE and recommendations from our guests. If you have suggestions for the resource guide or would like to sponsor, please feel free to submit them to info(at) or DM them to us our Facebook Page for us to review.


Side Hustle Paradise Marc Guberti is brilliant at cultivating and distributing content. He is a great resource for #digitalnomads #remotework

Things We Love

Healy  travel or work pain-free and adjust as needed. If you love it, partner with them to share the love #travelgear #wellbeing

Episodes Finds

Madrid Again

by Soledad Maura.
Hear more about the author on her interview #TCK #culture #language

Founders Card is the Ultimate Concierge I love my Founders Card, The ultimate concierge with the inside scoop. #travelhacks #bizhacks #network

Good Idea® with your meal instead of a sugary drink keeps you going without post-meal sugar coma. #wellbeing

ECommerce Business School Logo Great business for #digitalnomads spotting hot products for resell. Check our interview with founder Ann Sieg

Clear Travel try for three months free CLEAR uses biometrics to confirm your identity- breeze through airports, stadiums and more. #travelhacks #security

Travel with lounges access makes nomad life more civilized. #travelhacks

Click a Tree. We believe in giving back and being good global citizens. #humanity

Peace FurSustainably sourced: Peace Fur serves clients who honor every life, and the value of natural materials.

Travel in comfort, and try a stopover! #explore

Find Luxury Vacation Rentals in California with TurnKey Vacation Rentals Rentals in unusual places #travelservices

Make sure you are covered no matter where you go #safety

Start your #TEFLJourney Today!Prepare for teaching abroad #globalnomads #explorer #gapyear

Label all personal items for shared adventures #travelhacks

SHOLDIT Convertible Infinity Scarf with Pocket Handsfree travel with hidden pocket in scarf #travelhacks

Lockdown sale 30% canvas. code WAX30! #luxury #travelstyle

Farah Pandith's brilliantly relevant book on how to fight extremism. check out her interview on episode 17  #TCK #culture #impact


three models with pink, blue, and holographic silver travel pillows#travelgear

 YOUR Prime or Netflix from any screen or projector

Tear off a sheet or travel with a few for longer trips. #travelhacks