Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste in conversation with Pamela Paquin the founder of Peace Fur, farmer and Advocate for Conscious Consumption and Production.

Pamela launched Peace Fur in 2015 in response to two questions.  How do humans reduce suffering that results from our consumption of resources, and how does a single mother support her child while still saving the world?

As a globe trotting systems analyst focused on assisting multi nationals execution of sustainable business solutions for 20 years, the compulsion to lead industry solutions crashed into the carnage of New England roads covered in wildlife when she returned from Denmark after an unexpected divorce in 2010 with a 1 year old on her hip.

Peace Fur was her answer to how we can nurture our relationship to the earth and ecosystems, while staying home on the farm raising a baby with the same values.  To maintain standards of luxury through conscious choices.

Website: www.peacefur.com
Instagram @peacefur
Facebook Peace Fur
Listing for her AirBnB experiences

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